People share their SkillStreet experiences and stories
UI/UX Design Student
SkillStreet is a simple and wonderful platform for exchanging talent and learning from other people from different walks of life. Brilliant concept. Hats off to the creators! Looking forward to more Skill Exchanges.
Financial Analyst
SkillStreet is a concept that has a wide reach and appeals to all categories of people. It gives people the opportunity to experience and learn something new at every corner.
BBI Student
SkillStreet is a concept that works for the new age generation where everyone has no time to learn something new,this gives them the chance where they are not only able to learn new things on their schedule but also brush up on old skills.
Information Technology Student
SkillStreet is a brilliant platform through which loads of people can meet and exchange skills and it makes me feel that i would never need to go to any kind of classes to learn, cause that something i want to learn is just some clicks away from me!
Data Analyst
I met a Skillmate via SkillStreet who taught me about marketing and i learnt a lot from her, now no need to read books.just send a request for a human book of skills!
Business Technology Analyst
SkillStreet events have turned out to be among the best of times I have spent in the city. The impact of the exchanges have been more than the sum of each. A smart and wonderful way to look at barter, leaving us enriched and curious at the same time.
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