About Us
We believe skill is the real currency
We envision
SkillStreet is our initiative to make the world smaller,friendlier and knowledgeable. With our platform, you can connect to people around you who you can meet and exchange your skills and knowledge. At SkillStreet, everyone you meet is a teacher and also wishes to learn something from you!
Our Team
Omkar Pandharkame
Omkar is our experimental genius. Omkar gets to the table his ability to be creative without influx of any caffiene. The brainchild of the idea, Omkar is a strong believer in the synergy of capitalism and socialism. When not busy making SkillStreet the next big thing the world has seen, he is busy riding his motorcycles and writing poetry.
Nimish Inamdar
The meditator in the group plays the vital role of peace building. He carries an industry experience of about 8 years which comes in handy in a startup that is charged up to make a difference in the world. He believes that the world can certainly become a much better place to live in when people will help each other to grow.
Lauren Gillette
The Maverick Marketeer,Lauren sees SkillStreet to be used by people all across the world. Currently taken up the challenge to ensure SkillStreet becomes a buzz word across universities in West Europe. When she is not creating marketing strategies at SkillStreet, she is globetrotting and experiencing the world.
Rohan Sabnis
Rohan is a passionate executioner with a vision to make a mark in the world and this can be done only by breaking boundaries. He believes that everyone has scope to improve and all they need to do is be open to accepting criticism. When not busy SkillStreeting you will find him beating the punch out of a squash ball.
Anastasia Bykova
Anastasia, Belarus partner. Having many years experience in the field of entertainment Anastasia successfully and efficiently carried out more than 15 projects. Her wealth of experience will be a great help for the promotion and distribution of ideas SkillStreet in Belarus and the CIS countries. Spending a lot of time to work, she does not forget about the rest: Zumba, vocals and other leisure activities are her hobbies that keeps her occupied after work...
Mikhail, Belarus partner. After receiving an excellent education in IT, completing a wide variety of additional courses in the field of analytics, testing, management, Michael combines IT expertise and leadership. He will promote the skillstreet idea, organize the management and SkillStreet development in Belarus and the CIS countries .. In his spare time, he plays the piano and composes music...
Rayne Richardson
Rayne is our buzz ambassador from Texas who is working to expand SkillStreet in Paris. She is making sure that the cosmo culture of Paris is shining within SkillStreet, and making sure our simple idea can be effective in knitting the community closer and friendlier. An extrovert and go getter, Rayne wishes that SkillStreet becomes a magnet to attract open minded people like herself, to share their knowledge and skills while creating networks of friends!
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